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         You'll look great after you visit us in  Fresno, CA. I have been in practice since 1979, and my team and  I are committed to offering high-quality dental care for every  patient. We are serving Fresno, and surrounding areas.

I am a  Board Qualified Prosthodontist. Prosthodontics is the specialty  that deals with the replacement of missing or damaged teeth through a multitude  of various treatment modalities. With prosthodontics, people are frequently  beautifying their smile. Whether you are affected by a birth defect, a traumatic  accident, or would simply like the opportunity to have corrective care, I will  determine the best possible solution from your examination. I can help you feel  confident and pleased with your smile again.

Other dental  treatments provided by our experienced practice include general dentistry,  cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and oral surgery. Preventative care,  however, is the most important aspect of our dental practice. We think it is  essential to keep your mouth healthy, so we'll work hard to make that happen. We  also seek to make every dental visit a positive, productive and relaxing  situation.

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